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what is #BIMOpenMic?

Free to attend #BIMOpenMic events have been running since 2012 and provide 'non-speakers' the opportunity to speak!



To fill the gap between user groups, seminars & conferences.


What's the point?

To see some new faces.

To share knowledge.

To gain cross-sector, cross-discipline understanding of BIM.


How do we do it?

Volunteer arranged.




10 Minutes max.


Why don't we stream / record?

To ensure people are open & brutally honest, but just be aware that people will tweet!

upcoming EVENTS 

#32 - The Legal Ones, London, UK

25th February 2019 

#33 - The Legal Ones, Newcastle, UK

26th February 2019 

#34 - Liverpool, UK

19th March 2019 

#35 - Edinburgh, UK

2nd April 2019 

past EVENTS 

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